Zlobin Switches to GTE-AM

The newly crowned LMP2 champion, Sergey Zlobin, will no longer compete in the prototype class of WEC from next season. The Russian will be returning to the WEC in 2015 with his team, SMP Racing. Instead of racing in LMP2, Sergey will instead compete in the GTE-AM class.


The Russian confirmed that his team will be entering next season with two new LMP2 prototypes and a Ferrari 458 Italia. Zlobin, who is currently still classified as an FIA-bronze driver, has won the LMP2 Drivers’ Championship in the WEC as well as the GTE Title in the European Le Mans Series with SMP this year. Sergey has left the LMP2 project as a driver for a new silver driver, yet to be confirmed, to join team mates Minassian and Mediani in the new LMP2 car.

With the WEC LMP2 title in the bag, Sergey can now focus all of his attention on his new task. It will be interesting to see how the already experienced GT driver will get on in next year.

Source – Sportscar 365