# Team Nat. Car Summe
1AF Corse #83Ferrari 488 GTE Evo1101151150
2TF SportAston Martin Vantage AMR2p712p21DNF90.5
3Dempsey-Proton Racing #77Porsche 911 RSRDNFDNF542279
4Team Project 1 #56Porsche 911 RSRDNS2p4DNF3378
5Cetilar RacingFerrari 488 GTE Evo3110DNF94p75
6AF Corse #54Ferrari 488 GTE Evo43777671
7Iron Lynx #60Ferrari 488 GTE Evo95DNF311p563.5
8Aston Martin RacingAston Martin Vantage AMR642DNF41058
9D’Station RacingAston Martin Vantage AMR7DNF3510751
10Iron Lynx #85Ferrari 488 GTE Evo86868846
11Dempsey-Proton Racing #88Porsche 911 RSR5968p12DNF30.5
12GR RacingPorsche 911 RSRDNS8996923
13Team Project 1 #46Porsche 911 RSRWD11DNF0.5


# Team Nat. Car Total
1AF Corse #83Ferrari 488 GTE Evo12444132167
2TF SportAston Martin Vantage AMR7p1p1DNF1318154
3Team Project 1 #56Porsche 911 RSR675p93p441118
4Dempsey-Proton Racing #77Porsche 911 RSR5511652p2p7107,5
5Team Project 1 #57Porsche 911 RSR10321p11686101,5
6Aston Martin RacingAston Martin Vantage AMR211322969p100,5
7Gulf RacingPorsche 911 RSR48936105585
8AF Corse #54Ferrari 488 GTE Evo9685777471
9Dempsey-Proton Racing #88Porsche 911 RSR1196DNF95NC345,5
10MR RacingFerrari 488 GTE Evo347710DNS43
11Red River SportFerrari 488 GTE Evo8101088891026


# Team Nat. Car Total
1Team Project 1Porsche 911 RSR933p12351151
2Dempsey-Proton Racing #77Porsche 911 RSR4p*1*1*DSQ11p12110
3TF SportAston Martin Vantage GTE2R22862p699
3Spirit of RaceFerrari 488 GTE8295424799
4Clearwater RacingFerrari 488 GTE34567DNS3395
5Gulf RacingPorsche 911 RSR7664947479
6Aston Martin RacingAston Martin Vantage GTE1R43p5p86DNF77
7MR RacingFerrari 488 GTE557R658571
8Dempsey-Proton Racing #88Porsche 911 RSR6*DNFp*8*DSQ379DNFp26


# Team Nat. Car Total
1Aston Martin RacingAston Martin Vantage GTE2p1p3p3p21p51p1p198
2Clearwater RacingFerrari 488 GTE1314522p42179
3Dempsey-Proton RacingPorsche 911 RSR32211p4334174
4Spirit of RaceFerrari 488 GTEDNF4524313117
5Gulf RacingPorsche 911 RSR4DNF453DNF425101


# Team Nat. Car Total
1AF CorseFerrari 458 Italia GT21p21226223189
2Abu Dhabi-Proton RacingPorsche 911 RSR5p624p1p5541151
3Aston Martin RacingAston Martin Vantage GTE21pDNFp1DNF1p1p1pDNFp149
4KCMGPorsche 911 RSR445EX32332125
5Larbre CompétitionChevrolet Corvette C7.R3343R3655112
6Gulf RacingPorsche 911 RSRDNF53544464106


# Team Nat. Car Total
1SMP RacingFerrari 458 Italia GT23311p16p35165
2AF CorseFerrari 458 Italia GT222333314148
3Aston Martin Racing #98Aston Martin Vantage GTE1p1pDNFp2522p1p144
4Dempsey Racing-ProtonPorsche 911 RSR65244p143131
5Abu Dhabi-Proton RacingPorsche 911 RSR54DNF6257282
6Aston Martin Racing #98Aston Martin Vantage GTE46DNF7676754
7Larbre CompétitionChevrolet Corvette C7.R7DNFDNF5745652


# Team Nat. Car Total
1Aston Martin Racing #95Aston Martin Vantage GTE12121212197
2Aston Martin Racing #98Aston Martin Vantage GTE23512p1p31p164
3Proton CompetitionPorsche 911 RSR44234544121
4AF Corse #61Ferrari 458 Italia GT261p34566102
5AF Corse #81Ferrari 458 Italia GT23p5DNFp6DNF2368
68 Star MotorsportsFerrari 458 Italia GT2DNF745DNF35DNF65
7Prospeed CompetitionPorsche 911 RSRDNF6DNF7p347558
8Ram RacingFerrari 458 Italia GT25626


# Team Nat. Car * Total
18 Star MotorsportsFerrari 458 Italia GT231624p412136
2Aston Martin Racing #96Aston Martin Vantage GTE4p4411235133
3IMSA Performane MatmutPorsche 997 GT3-RSR76143526122
4Aston Martin Racing #95Aston Martin Vantage GTE12pDNFpDNFp21pDNFp1p104.5
5Larbre CompétitionPorsche 997 GT3-RSR23366854103
6Proton CompetitionPorsche 997 GT3-RSR5553534DNF84.5
7AF CorseFerrari 458 Italia GT2882DNF776376
8Krohn RacingFerrari 458 Italia GT267DNF586DNFDNF32

*Half points were awarded at the 6 Hours of Fuji


# Team Nat. Car Total
1Larbre CompétitionChevrolet Corvette C6.R2214241p1179
2Team Felbermayr-ProtonPorsche 997 GT3-RSR11DNF2p1132p153
3Krohn RacingFerrari 458 Italia GT25523R323119
4AF Corse-WaltripFerrari 458 Italia GT24DNS413p2p4108
5JWA-AvilaPorsche 997 GT3-RSR6455465688
6Luxury RacingFerrari 458 Italia GT2DNSp3pRp18


p = pole position
DNF = did not finish
DSQ = disqualified
DNS = did not start
EX = excluded
WD = withdrew