# Driver Nat. Team Total
1C. EastwoodTF Sport7p1p1DNF131 148
1S. YolucTF Sport7p1p1DNF131 148
1J. AdamTF Sport7p1p1DNF131 148
2F. PerrodoAF Corse1244413 140
2E. CollardAF Corse1244413 140
2N. NielsenAF Corse1244413 140
3M. CampbellDempsey-Proton Racing5511652p2p 98,5
3C. RiedDempsey-Proton Racing5511652p2p 98,5
3R. PeraDempsey-Proton Racing5511652p2p 98,5
4P. Dalla LanaAston Martin Racing21132296 96,5
4R. GunnAston Martin Racing21132296 96,5
5B. KeatingProject 110321p1168 89,5
5J. BleekemolenProject 110321p1168 89,5
6L. ten VoordeProject 121p4 81
7M. CairoliProject 1675p93p44 80
7E. PerfettiProject 1675p93p44 80
8D. TurnerAston Martin Racing211322 78,5
9B. BarkerGulf Racing48936105 70
9M. WainwrightGulf Racing48936105 70
9A. WatsonGulf Racing48936105 70
10F. CastellacciAF Corse9685777 53
10G. FisichellaAF Corse9685777 53
10T. FlohrAF Corse9685777 53
11O. BerettaMR Racing347710 43
11K. CozzolinoMR Racing347710DNS 43
11M. IshikawaMR Racing347710 43
12F. FragaProject 11031168 32,5
13L. HörrProject 13p4 28
14B. GrimesRed River Sport810108889 24
14J. MowlemRed River Sport810108889 24
14C. HollingsRed River Sport810108889 24
15D. Heinemeier HannsonProject 175p9 20
16A. FarfusAston Martin Racing96 18
17T. PreiningDempsey-Proton Racing11969NC 12,5
18G. GiraudiDempsey-Proton Racing115 10,5
18R. SanchezDempsey-Proton Racing115 10,5
19L. LégeretDempsey-Proton Racing5 10
20D. KolkmannProject 16 8
20W. BamberDempsey-Proton Racing6 8
20A. NegroDempsey-Proton Racing6 8
21A. de LeenerDempsey-Proton Racing99NC 4
22S. HoshinoDempsey-Proton Racing9 2
22B. CurtisDempsey-Proton Racing9 2
23D. BastienDempsey-Proton RacingNC 0
23T. KimuraMR RacingDNS 0
23V. AbrilMR RacingDNS 0


# Driver Nat. Team Total
1J. BergmeisterProject 1933p12351151
1P. LindseyProject 1933p12351151
1E. PerfettiProject 1933p12351151
2M. CampbellDempsey-Proton Racing4p*1*1*DSQ11p12110
2C. RiedDempsey-Proton Racing4p*1*1*DSQ11p12110
3F. CastellacciSpirit of Race8295424799
3G. FisichellaSpirit of Race8295424799
3T. FlohrSpirit of Race8295424799
3C. EastwoodTF Sport2DNF22862p699
3S. YolucTF Sport2DNF22862p699
4M. GriffinClearwater Racing34567DNS3395
5J. AndlauerDempsey-Proton Racing4p*1*1*DSQ11p285
6B. BarkerGulf Racing7664947479
6M. WainwrightGulf Racing7664947479
7P. Dalla LanaAston Martin Racing1DNF43p5p86DNF77
7P. LamyAston Martin Racing1DNF43p5p86DNF77
7M. LaudaAston Martin Racing1DNF43p5p86DNF77
8O. BerettaMR Racing556DNF658573
8E. CheeverMR Racing556DNF658573
8M. IshikawaMR Racing556DNF658573
9J. AdamTF Sport / Aston Martin Racing2286662
10W. S. MokClearwater Racing3456757
10K. SawaClearwater Racing3456757
11T. PreiningGulf Racing4947453
12R. PeraDempsey-Proton Racing3140
13L.P. CompancClearwater RacingDNS3338
13M. CressoniClearwater RacingDNS3338
14E. HankeyTF Sport2DNF2p37
15A. DavisonGulf Racing76626
15M. CairoliDempsey-Proton Racing6*DNFp*8*DSQ379DNFp26
16K. Al QubaisiDempsey-Proton Racing6*DNFp*315
17G. Roda Jr.Dempsey-Proton Racing6*DNFp*8*DSQ79DNFp11
18G. RodaDempsey-Proton Racing8*7910
19S. HoshinoDempsey-Proton RacingDSQDNFp1

*Dempsey-Proton Racing drivers lost all of their championship points up to the 6 Hours of Fuji due to a technical infringement.


# Driver Nat. Team Total
1P. Dalla LanaAston Martin Racing2p1p4p3p21p51p1p192
1P. LamyAston Martin Racing2p1p4p3p21p51p1p192
1M. LaudaAston Martin Racing2p1p4p3p21p51p1p192
2M. CairoliDempsey-Proton Racing32311p4334168
2M. DienstDempsey-Proton Racing32311p4334168
2C. RiedDempsey-Proton Racing32311p4334168
3M. GriffinClearwater Racing1324522p42165
3W. S. MokClearwater Racing1324522p42165
3K. SawaClearwater Racing1324522p42165
4F. CastellacciSpirit of RaceR4724313109
4T. FlohrSpirit of RaceR4724313109
5B. BarkerGulf Racing4R553R42597
5N. FosterGulf Racing4R553R42597
5M. MolinaSpirit of RaceR42431397
6M. WainwrightGulf Racing4R553R567
7D. CameronSpirit of Race150
7A. ScottSpirit of Race150
7M. CiociSpirit of Race150
8K. Al QubaisiGulf Racing218
9R. WeeClearwater Racing616
9H. KatohClearwater Racing616
9A. ParenteClearwater Racing616
10O. BerettaSpirit of Race712
10M. HedlundGulf Racing412


# Driver Nat. Team Total
1E. CollardAF Corse121226223188
1F. PerrodoAF Corse121226223188
1R. ÁguasAF Corse121226223188
2K. Al QubasiAbu Dhabi-Proton Racing5p624p1p5541151
2D. Heinemeier HanssonAbu Dhabi-Proton Racing5p624p1p5541151
3M. LaudaAston Martin Racing21pDNFp1R1p1p1pRp149
3P. LamyAston Martin Racing21pDNFp1R1p1p1pRp149
3P. Dalla LanaAston Martin Racing21pDNFp1R1p1p1pRp149
4P. LongAbu Dhabi-Proton Racing624p1p541130
5C. RiedKCMG446EX32332121
5J. CamathiasKCMG446EX32332121
5W. HenzlerKCMG446EX32332121
6P. RaguesLarbre Compétition3353DNF3655108
7A. CarrollGulf RacingDNF53544464106
7B. BarkerGulf RacingDNF53544464106
7M. WainwrightGulf RacingDNF53544464106
8Y. YamagishiLarbre Compétition3353DNF673
9P. RubertiLarbre Compétition33345
10R. TaylorLarbre CompétitionDNF365543
11A. HowardAston Martin Racing424
11G. HirschAston Martin Racing424
11L. GriffinAston Martin Racing424
12J.-P. BellocLarbre Compétition520
12R. BrandelaLarbre Compétition5520
13L. ViljoenLarbre Compétition315
14A. ScottAF Corse712
14D. CameronAF Corse712
14M. GriffinAF Corse712
15K. BachlerAbu Dhabi-Proton Racing5p11
16K. EstreAbu Dhabi-Proton Racing510


# Driver Nat. Team Total
1A. BasovSMP Racing3311p16p35165
1V. ShaitarSMP Racing3311p16p35165
1A. BertoliniSMP Racing3311p16p35165
2E. CollardAF Corse22333314148
2F. PerrodoAF Corse22333314148
3M. LaudaAston Martin Racing1p1pNCp2522p1p144
3P. Dalla LanaAston Martin Racing1p1pNCp2522p1p144
3P. LamyAston Martin Racing1p1pNCp2522p1p144
4R. AguasAF Corse2233331136
5M. SeefriedDempsey Racing-Proton65244p143131
5P. LongDempsey Racing-Proton65244p143131
5P. DempseyDempsey Racing-Proton65244p143131
6K. Al-QubaisiAbu Dhabi-Proton Racing54DNF6257282
7C. RiedAbu Dhabi-Proton Racing /
Dempsey Racing-Proton
8F. CastellacciAston Martin Racing46DNF7676754
8S. HallAston Martin Racing46DNF7676754
9G. RodaLarbre Compétition7DNFDNF5745652
9P. RubertiLarbre Compétition7DNFDNF5745652
10K. BachlerAbu Dhabi-Proton Racing54DNF7246
11M. CressoniAF Corse4436
11E. BamberAbu Dhabi-Proton Racing62536
12R. GoetheAston Martin Racing46DNF7732
13K. PoulsenLarbre Compétition7DNFDNF57630
14P. MannAF Corse424
14R. GiammariaAF Corse424
15N. SylvestLarbre Compétition4522
16M. MapelliAF Corse218
17L. GriffinAston Martin Racing888
17B. SimonsenAston Martin Racing68
18A. MortimerAF CorseDNFDNF0
18D. CameronAF CorseDNFDNF0
18M. GriffinAF CorseDNFDNF0


# Driver Nat. Team Total
1K. PoulsenAston Martin Racing1212121p2198
1D. Heinemeier HanssonAston Martin Racing1212121p2198
2C. NygaardAston Martin Racing23512p1p31p164
2P. LamyAston Martin Racing23512p1p31p164
2P. Dalla LanaAston Martin Racing23512p1p31p164
3N. ThiimAston Martin Racing1111p2144
4K. Al-QubaisiProton Competition44234544121
4C. RiedProton Competition44234544121
5K. BachlerProton Competition4423444111
6L. P. CompancAF Corse61p3476
6M. CiociAF Corse61p3476
6M. VenturiAF Corse61p3476
7M. RugoloAF Corse3p5DNFp6DNF2368
7S. WyattAF Corse3p5DNFp6DNF2368
8G. Roda8 Star MotorsportsDNF845DNF35DNF63
8P. Ruberti8 Star MotorsportsDNF845DNF35DNF63
9E. CollardProspeed CompetitionDNF6DNF7p347558
9F. PerrodoProspeed CompetitionDNF6DNF7p347558
9M. VaxiviereProspeed CompetitionDNF6DNF7p347558
10R. StanawayAston Martin Racing22254
11A. BertoliniAF Corse56DNF2351
12J. MowlemRam Racing5626
12M. PattersonRam Racing5626
12J. SegalAF Corse5DNF6626
13M. CressoniAF Corse35DNF25
14F. Montecalvo8 Star Motorsports424
15S. BirdAF Corse3pDNFp17
16A. HamiltonRam Racing616
16A. Pier GuidiAF Corse6616
17H. BlankAF Corse712
17J.-M. BachelierAF Corse712
17Y. MallegolAF Corse712
18B. CurtisAF Corse510
18J. BleekemolenAF Corse510
18M. SkeenAF Corse510
18W. HenzlerProton Competition510
19A. TalkanitsaAF Corse68
19E. FittipaldiAF Corse68
20L. CaséAF Corse7DNF6
20P. MannAF Corse7DNF6
20R. GiammariaAF Corse7DNF6
21V. Potolicchio8 Star MotorsportsDNF84
22M. PalttalaProspeed CompetitionDNF0

† Emmerson Fittipaldi competed at the Six Hours of São Paulo but failed to complete the minimum driver time of 1 hour 30 minutes and did not score any championship points.


# Driver Nat. Team * Total
1J. Campbell-WalterAston Martin Racing4p4511235129
1S. HallAston Martin Racing4p4511235129
2R. Aguas8 Star Motorsports31824p412128
2V. Potolicchio8 Star Motorsports31824p412128
4J.-K. VernayIMSA Performance Matmut76143526122
4R. NaracIMSA Performance Matmut76143526122
5C. NygaardAston Martin Racing12pDNFpDNFp21pDNFp1p104.5
6K. PoulsenAston Martin Racing12pDNFpDNFp21pDNFp1p104.5
7J. CanalLarbre Compétition2346685497
7P. BornhauserLarbre Compétition2346685497
8C. RiedProton Competition5573534DNF76.5
8G. RodaProton Competition5573534DNF76.5
8P. RubertiProton Competition5573534DNF76.5
9F. ReesLarbre Compétition236685473
10C. BourretIMSA Performance Matmut71468
10M. GriffinAF Corse893DNFp776368
11D. Rigon8 Star Motorsports241267
12R. GoetheAston Martin Racing4p45555
13J. GerberAF Corse893DNF77653
13M. CiociAF Corse893DNF77653
14N. ThiimAston Martin RacingDNFp2DNFp1p46
15A. SimonsenAston Martin Racing12pp     45
16M. MalucelliAF Corse /
8 Star Motorsports
17D. O’YoungAF Corse236
17L. CaséAF Corse236
17P. PerazziniAF Corse236
18M. MedianiKrohn Racing67DNF586DNFDNF32
18N. JönssonKrohn Racing67DNF586DNFDNF32
18T. KrohnKrohn Racing67DNF586DNFDNF32
19M. PalttalaIMSA Performance Matmut52631
20J. AdamAston Martin Racing2324
20R. TaylorLarbre Compétition424
21P. GibonIMSA Performance Matmut616
21P. MilesiIMSA Performance Matmut616
21W. HenzlerIMSA Performance Matmut616
22E. CollardAF Corse315
22F. PerrodoAF Corse315
22P. Peter8 Star Motorsports315
23B. SennaAston Martin Racing1p13.5
24J. Bright8 Star Motorsports88
25H. BlankAF Corse8DNF4
25J-M. BachelierAF Corse8DNF4
25Y. MallegolAF Corse8DNF4
25C. MacNeilLarbre Compétition94
25M. Rodrigues Larbre Compétition94
25P. DumasLarbre Compétition94

*Half points were awarded at the 6 Hours of Fuji


No separate GTE drivers’ championship was held in 2012.


p = pole position
DNF = did not finish
DSQ = disqualified
DNS = did not start
EX = excluded
WD = withdrew