# Driver Nat. Team Total
1K. EstrePorsche GT Team1p2    57
1M. ChristensenPorsche GT Team1p2    57
2T. MilnerCorvette Racing24    39
2N. TandyCorvette Racing24    39
3G. BruniPorsche GT Team35p    34
3R. LietzPorsche GT Team35p    34
4A. Pier GuidiAF Corse41    43
4J. CaladoAF Corse41    43
5P. Dalla LanaNorthwest AMR58    19
5D. PittardNorthwest AMR58    19
5N. ThiimNorthwest AMR58    19
6A. FuocoAF Corse63    27
6M. MolinaAF Corse63    27
7B. KeatingTF Sport77    15
8F. LatorreTF Sport7    9
9M. SørensenTF Sport77    15
10B. BarnicoatTeam Project 18DNF    6
10B. IribeTeam Project 18DNF    6
10O. MillroyTeam Project 18DNF    6
11C. RiedDempsey-Proton Racing96    11
11S. PriaulxDempsey-Proton Racing96    11
11H. TincknellDempsey-Proton Racing96    11
12R. FreyIron Dames1013    2
12S. BovyIron Dames10    2
12M. GattingIron Dames10    2
13S. MannAF Corse1215    0
13C. UlrichAF Corse1215    0
13T. VilanderAF Corse1215    0
14N. CassidyAF Corse149    2
14T. FlöhrAF Corse149    2
14F. CastellaciAF Corse149    2
15S. HoshinoD’Station Racing1112    0
15T. FujiiD’Station Racing1112    0
15C. FaggD’Station Racing1112    0
15J. AndlauerDempsey-Proton Racing15    0
15P. LindseyDempsey-Proton Racing1514    0
15F. PoordadDempsey-Proton Racing1514    0
15C. SchiavoniIron Lynx1313    0
15G. FisichellaIron Lynx1313    0
15M. CressoniIron Lynx1313    0
15M. WainwrightGR Racing11    0
15B. BarkerGR Racing11    0
15R. PeraGR Racing11    0
15G. AubrySpirit of RaceDNF16    0
15F. DezoteuxSpirit of RaceDNF16    0
15P. RaguesSpirit of RaceDNF16    0
16N. LeutwilerTeam Project 1DNF10    1
16M. CairoliTeam Project 1DNF10    1
16M. PedersenTeam Project 1DNF10    1
17H. ChavesTF Sport7    6
18J. HeylenDempsey-Proton Racing14    0
18D. PinIron Dames13    0
18C. NielsenIron Dames13    0


# Fahrer Nat. Team Summe
1A. Pier GuidiAF Corse212131177
1J. CaladoAF Corse212131177
2K. EstrePorsche GT Team1p3p1p21p2p166
2N. JaniPorsche GT Team1p3p1p21p2p166
3G. BruniPorsche GT Team443324111
3R. LietzPorsche GT Team443324111
4D. SerraAF Corse32410p4392
4M. MolinaAF Corse32410p4392
5M. ChristensenPorsche GT Team3p22p88
6F. MakowieckiPorsche GT Team43466
7F. PerrodoAF Corse514549562
7N. NielsenAF Corse514549562
7A. RoveraAF Corse514549562
8C. LedogarAF Corse150
9B. KeatingTF Sport6111655DNF39.5
9D. PereiraTF Sport6111655DNF39.5
9F. FragaTF Sport6111655DNF39.5
10C. RiedDempsey-Proton RacingDNFDNF976634
10J. EvansDempsey-Proton RacingDNFDNF976634
10M. CampbellDempsey-Proton RacingDNFDNF976634
11E. PerfettiTeam Project 1WD68DNF7731
11M. CairoliTeam Project 1WD68DNF7731
11R. PeraTeam Project 1WD68DNF7731
12R. LacorteCetilar Racing7514DNF13828
12G. SernagiottoCetilar Racing7514DNF13828
12A. FuocoCetilar Racing7514DNF13828
13C. SchiavoniIron Lynx139DNF6922.5
14P. Dalla LanaAston Martin Racing1086DNF81420
14A. FarfusAston Martin Racing108681420
14M. GomesAston Martin Racing1086DNF81420
15T. FlöhrAF Corse871111111017
15F. CastellaciAF Corse871111111017
15G. FisichellaAF Corse871111111017
16P. RubertiIron Lynx616
16R. GiammariaIron Lynx616
16S. HoshinoD’Station Racing11DNF78141116
16T. FujiiD’Station Racing11DNF78141116
16A. WatsonD’Station Racing11DNF78141116
17R. FreyIron Lynx121012912128.5
19A. PicciniIron Lynx139DNF1597
19M. CressoniIron Lynx139DNF1597
20M. GattingIron Lynx101296.5
18S. BovyIron Lynx12912126
21M. WainwrightGR RacingDNS12131310134.5
21B. BarkerGR RacingDNS12131310134.5
21T. GambleGR RacingDNS12131310134.5
22M. SeefriedDempsey-Proton Racing913104
23A. HaryantoDempsey-Proton Racing9103
23A. PicarielloDempsey-Proton Racing9103
23S. BirdAF Corse10p3
24M. GostnerIron Lynx12102.5
24J. AndlauerDempsey-Proton Racing131216DNF2.5
25D. BastienDempsey-Proton Racing13122
25K. LeggeIron Lynx1212122
26L. ArnoldDempsey-Proton Racing121
27A. BuchardtTeam Project 1WD15DNF0.5
27D. OlsenTeam Project 1WD15DNF0.5
27M. RootTeam Project 1WD150.5
27R. MastronadiIron Lynx150.5
27K. Al QubaisiDempsey-Proton Racing16DNF0.5
27A. de LeenerDempsey-Proton Racing160.5
28N. ThiimAston Martin RacingDNF0
28R. FoleyTeam Project 10
28A. JeffriesDempsey-Proton RacingDNF0


# Driver Nat. Team Total
1M. SørensenAston Martin Racing51511p235172
1N. ThiimAston Martin Racing51511p235172
2M. MartinAston Martin Racing33434314160
3M. ChristensenPorsche GT Team222p721p111p148
3K. EstréPorsche GT Team222p721p111p148
4A. LynnAston Martin Racing3343431142
5J. CaladoAF Corse4p41434212132
6A. Pier GuidiAF Corse4p414342131
7G. BruniPorsche GT Team16p35p859p2111
7R. LietzPorsche GT Team16p35p859p2111
8M. MolinaAF CorseDNF56256DNF386
8D. RigonAF CorseDNF56256DNF386
9H. TincknellAston Martin Racing150
10R. WestbrookAston Martin Racing3448
11C. EastwoodTF Sport1277DNF6941447.5
11S. YolucTF Sport1277DNF6941447.5
11J. AdamTF Sport1277DNF6941447.5
12F. PerrodoAF Corse6810101076747
12E. CollardAF Corse6810101076747
12N. NielsenAF Corse6810101076747
13L. ten VoordeProject 1867640
14D. SerraAF Corse21237
15E. PerfettiProject 1111311159107629.5
16C. RiedDempsey-Proton Racing1011171211851328.5
16R. PeraDempsey-Proton Racing1011171211851328.5
17M. CampbellDempsey-Proton Racing10111712118527.5
18P. Dalla LanaAston Martin Racing71798715101524
18R. GunnAston Martin Racing71798715101524
19B. KeatingProject 1159861712131121.5
19J. BleekemolenProject 1159861712131121.5
20D. TurnerAston Martin Racing71798720.5
21M. CairoliProject 111131115910717.5
22B. BarkerGulf Racing914159121681017
22M. WainwrightGulf Racing914159121681017
23A. WatsonGulf Racing9141591216815
24J. BergmeisterProject 1612
25K. CozzolinoMR Racing / Red River Sport810131316DNS168
26F. CastellacciAF Corse1412141113131297.5
26G. FisichellaAF Corse1412141113131297.5
26T. FlohrAF Corse1412141113131297.5
27O. BerettaMR Racing8101313167
27M. IshikawaMR Racing8101313167
28K. Al QubaisiDempsey-Proton RacingDNF86
28J. EvansDempsey-Proton Racing86
28M. HolzerDempsey-Proton Racing86
29B. GrimesRed River Sport13161614141414165.5
30F. MakowieckiPorsche GT Team9p 5
31J. MowlemRed River Sport131616141414144.5
31F. FragaProject 1159 171213 4.5
31C. HollingsRed River Sport131616141414144.5
32L. HörrProject 19103
33A. FarfusAF Corse15102.5
34D. Heinemeier HannsonProject 11311152
34T. PreiningDempsey-Proton Racing161512DNF15NC2
34A. PicarielloGulf Racing102
35L. VanthoorAF Corse111
35A. de LeenerDempsey-Proton Racing15DNF15NC1
35G. GiraudiDempsey-Proton Racing16111
35R. SanchezDempsey-Proton Racing16111
35P. LamyAston Martin Racing151
35D. OlsenDempsey-Proton Racing131
35C. NobleRed River Sport161
35D. PereiraProject 1111
36D. KolkmannProject 1110.5
36S. HoshinoDempsey-Proton Racing150.5
36W. BamberDempsey-Proton Racing120.5
36A. NegroDempsey-Proton Racing120.5
36B. CurtisDempsey-Proton Racing150.5
36L. LégeretDempsey-Proton Racing110.5
37S. BirdAF CorseDNF0
37D. BastienDempsey-Proton RacingNC0
37V. Abril DNS0
37T. Kimura DNS0


# Driver Nat. Team Total
1M. ChristensenPorsche GT Team213135p35155
1K. EstréPorsche GT Team213135p35155
2A. Pier GuidiAF Corse154145421136,5
2J. CaladoAF Corse154145421136,5
3G. BruniPorsche GT Team42pDSQ52182131
3R. LietzPorsche GT Team42pDSQ52182131
4A. PriaulxFord Chip Ganassi Racing UKDNFp1223935p390
4H. TincknellFord Chip Ganassi Racing UKDNFp1223935p390
5S. MückeFord Chip Ganassi Racing UK136p87p1810488
5O. PlaFord Chip Ganassi Racing UK136p87p1810488
6D. SerraAF Corse44171
7B. JohnsonFord Chip Ganassi Racing UK1318467
8A. LynnAston Martin Racing613494811466
8M. MartinAston Martin Racing613494811466
9M. SørensenAston Martin Racing75176p197DNFp65,5
9N. ThiimAston Martin Racing75176p197DNFp65,5
10A. F. da CostaBMW Team MTEK5DNFDNF21074661
11F. MakowieckiPorsche GT Team2p 255
12S. BirdAF Corse361610666DNF54,5
12D. RigonAF Corse361610666DNF54,5
13N. CatsburgBMW Team MTEK89578291553
13M. TomczykBMW Team MTEK89578291553
13L. VanthoorPorsche GT Team1553
14J. BomaritoFord Chip Ganassi Racing UK3342
15A. FarfusBMW Team MTEKDNFDNF74632
16T. BlomqvistBMW Team MTEK521029
17D. TurnerAston Martin Racing759DNFp25
18A. SimsBMW Team MTEKDNF223
19J. AdamAston Martin Racing / TF Sport61381218151416
19J. BergmeisterProject 11810911121215716
19P. LindseyProject 11810911121215716
19E. PerfettiProject 11810911121215716
20M. MolinaAF Corse66†DNF12
20J. KrohnBMW Team MTEK612
21F. CastellacciSpirit of Race17815151411141310,5
21G. FisichellaSpirit of Race17815151411141310,5
21T. FlohrSpirit of Race17815151411141310,5
22M. CampbellDempsey-Proton Racing12*7*7*DSQ11101189
22C. RiedDempsey-Proton Racing12*7*7*DSQ11101189
23C. EastwoodTF Sport10DNF812181512128,5
23S. YolucTF Sport10DNF812181512128,5
23J. AndlauerDempsey-Proton Racing12*7*7*DSQ111088,5
24B. SpenglerBMW Team MTEK78
25B. BarkerGulf Racing16151214191317106,5
25M. WainwrightGulf Racing16151214191317106,5
25M. GriffinClearwater Racing1111111617DNS1396,5
26P. Dalla LanaAston Martin Racing9DNF1013151716DNF5,5
26P. LamyAston Martin Racing9DNF1013151716DNF5,5
26M. LaudaAston Martin Racing9DNF1013151716DNF5,5
27O. BerettaMR Racing131413DNF161418115
27E. CheeverMR Racing131413DNF161418115
27M. IshikawaMR Racing131413DNF161418115
28T. PreiningGulf Racing14191317104,5
29P. EngBMW Team MTEK9154
30L.P. CompancClearwater RacingDNS1393,5
30M. CressoniClearwater RacingDNS1393,5
31W. S. MokClearwater Racing11111116173
31K. SawaClearwater Racing11111116173
32E. HankeyTF Sport10DNF12122,5
33T. KanaanFord Chip Ganassi Racing UKDNFp122
33A. DavisonGulf Racing1615122
33M. CairoliDempsey-Proton Racing14*DNF*14*DSQ131619DNF2
34G. Roda Jr.Dempsey-Proton Racing14*DNF*14*DSQ1619DNF1,5
34G. RodaDempsey-Proton Racing14*16191,5
35R. PeraDempsey-Proton Racing13111
36K. Al QubaisiDempsey-Proton Racing14*DNF*130,5
37S. HoshinoDempsey-Proton RacingDSQDNF0

*Dempsey-Proton Racing drivers lost all of their championship points up to the 6 Hours of Fuji due to a technical infringement.

†Miguel Molina competed at the 1000 Miles of Sebring but did not complete the required 1 hour 30 minutes of driving time and therefore did not receive any points.


# Driver Nat. Team Total
1J. CaladoAF Corse2214161132153
1A. Pier GuidiAF Corse2214161132153
2R. LietzPorsche GT Team3532362p24145
2F. MakowieckiPorsche GT Team3532362p24145
3A. PriaulxFord Chip Ganassi Racing UK1p425471313142,5
3H. TincknellFord Chip Ganassi Racing UK1p425471313142,5
4D. RigonAF Corse51p4112p3p561p139,5
5S. BirdAF Corse51p42p3p561p139
6M. SørensenAston Martin Racing68541475p7104
6N. ThiimAston Martin Racing68541475p7104
7D. TurnerAston Martin Racing771p7NC5676101
7J. AdamAston Martin Racing771p7NC5676101
8S. MückeFord Chip Ganassi Racing UK43667844595
8O. PlaFord Chip Ganassi Racing UK43667844595
9D. SerraAston Martin Racing771p7NC579
10L. F. DeraniFord Chip Ganassi Racing UK1p4274
11M. ChristensenPorsche GT TeamDNF6DNF3p523DNF67
11K. EstréPorsche GT TeamDNF6DNF3p523DNF67
12B. JohnsonFord Chip Ganassi Racing UK43643
13M. MolinaSpirit of Race / AF CorseDNF1249111181032,5
14R. StanawayAston Martin Racing68532
15P. PiletPorsche GT Team330
16P. Dalla LanaAston Martin Racing99101099128819,5
16P. LamyAston Martin Racing99101099128819,5
16M. LaudaAston Martin Racing99101099128819,5
17M. GriffinClearwater Racing8118121210911919
17W. S. MokClearwater Racing8118121210911919
17K. SawaClearwater Racing8118121210911919
18M. CairoliDempsey-Proton Racing10109881210101117
18M. DienstDempsey-Proton Racing10109881210101117
18C. RiedDempsey-Proton Racing10109881210101117
19D. CameronSpirit of Race712
19A. ScottSpirit of Race712
19M. CiociSpirit of Race712
20F. CastellacciSpirit of RaceDNF1213911118109,5
20T. FlohrSpirit of RaceDNF1213911118109,5
21B. BarkerGulf Racing11DNF111310119126
21N. FosterGulf Racing11DNF111310119126
22M. WainwrightGulf Racing11DNF111310123,5
23K. Al QubaisiGulf Racing92
24R. WeeClearwater Racing121
24H. KatohClearwater Racing121
24A. ParenteClearwater Racing121
24O. BerettaSpirit of Race131
24M. RugoloAF Corse141
25T. VilanderAF Corse110,5
25M. HedlundGulf Racing110,5
26D. WernerPorsche GT TeamDNF0


# Driver Nat. Team Total
1M. SørensenAston Martin Racing3DNF23p3p1p541156
1N. ThiimAston Martin Racing3DNF23p3p1p541156
2D. RigonAF Corse1p1pDNF243453134
2S. BirdAF Corse1p1pDNF243453134
3G. BruniAF Corse2DNFDNFp122332128
3J. CaladoAF Corse2DNFDNFp122332128
4O. PlaFord Chip Ganassi Team UK5DNF1411132p26118
4S. MückeFord Chip Ganassi Team UK5DNF1411132p26118
5A. PriaulxFord Chip Ganassi Team UK4210125411p4117.5
5H. TincknellFord Chip Ganassi Team UK4210125411p4117.5
6D. TurnerAston Martin Racing3DNF25156DNF5p115
7R. StanawayAston Martin RacingDNF33516DNF88
8R. LietzDempsey-Proton Racing94666676774
8M. ChristensenDempsey-Proton Racing94666676774
9B. JohnsonFord Chip Ganassi Team UK5DNF160
10J. AdamAston Martin Racing3345
11E. CollardAF Corse6648812981055.5
11F. PerrodoAF Corse6648812981055.5
11R. ÁguasAF Corse6648812981055.5
12F. ReesAston Martin RacingDNF33555
13M. FranchittiFord Chip Ganassi Team UK4210125454.5
14M. LaudaAston Martin Racing75DNF7DNF787DNF38
14P. Dalla LanaAston Martin Racing75DNF7DNF787DNF38
14P. LamyAston Martin Racing75DNF7DNF787DNF38
15D. Heinemeier HanssonAbu Dhabi-Proton Racing11105107111210834.5
15K. Al QubaisiAbu Dhabi-Proton Racing11105107111210834.5
16P. LongAbu Dhabi-Proton Racing1051071210833.5
17P. RaguesLarbre Compétition8799DNF913111219.5
18A. CarrollGulf RacingDNF9711101012121118
18B. BarkerGulf RacingDNF9711101012121118
18M. WainwrightGulf RacingDNF9711101012121118
19C. RiedKCMG10811EX98109917
19J. CamathiasKCMG10811EX98109917
19W. HenzlerKCMG10811EX98109917
20Y. YamagishiLarbre Compétition8799DNF1316.5
21P. EngDempsey-Proton Racing616
22P. RubertiLarbre Compétition87912
23A. HowardAston Martin Racing88
23G. HirschAston Martin Racing88
23L. GriffinAston Martin Racing88
24J.-P. BellocLarbre Compétition94
25R. TaylorLarbre CompétitionDNF91311123.5
26L. ViljoenLarbre CompétitionDNF92
27A. Pier GuidiAF CorseDNFp1
27A. ScottAF Corse121
27D. CameronAF Corse121
27M. GriffinAF Corse121
27R. BrandellaLarbre Compétition11121
28K. BachlerAbu Dhabi-Proton Racing110.5
28K. EstreAbu Dhabi-Proton Racing110.5
29A. BertoliniAF CorseDNF0


# Driver Nat. Team Total
1R. LietzPorsche Team Manthey22711415145
2G. BruniAF Corse14414p712p2p131.5
2T. VilanderAF Corse14414p712p2p131.5
3M. ChristensenPorsche Team Manthey2711415127
4D. RigonAF Corse372333p46123
4J. CaladoAF Corse372333p46123
5F. MakowieckiPorsche Team Manthey72DNF22231118
6P. PiletPorsche Team Manthey7DNF22231100
7F. ReesAston Martin Racing V861p9p54p75784
7A. MacDowallAston Martin Racing V861p9p54p75784
8C. NygaardAston Martin Racing4p66455481
8M. SørensenAston Martin Racing4p66455481
9R. StanawayAston Martin Racing V861p9p54p5778
10D. TurnerAston Martin Racing55DNF6666367
11A. BasovSMP Racing10101781391265
11V. ShaitarSMP Racing10101781391265
11A. BertoliniSMP Racing10101781391265
12J. AdamAston Martin Racing6666347
13N. ThiimAston Martin Racing4p6441
14M. SeefriedDempsey Racing-Proton1312310118101038.5
14P. LongDempsey Racing-Proton1312310118101038.5
15P. DempseyDempsey Racing-Proton13123101181037.5
16O. BerettaAF Corse236
17E. CollardAF Corse9959101071134.5
17F. PerrodoAF Corse9959101071134.5
18S. MückeAston Martin Racing55DNF6734
18R. AguasAF Corse99591010734
19G. FisichellaAF Corse424
20M. LaudaAston Martin Racing88NC81298822.5
20P. Dalla LanaAston Martin Racing88NC81298822.5
20P. LamyAston Martin Racing88NC81298822.5
21K. EstrePorsche Team Manthey315
21S. MüllerPorsche Team Manthey315
22J. BergmeisterPorsche Team Manthey712
23R. BellAston Martin Racing5DNF10
24M. CressoniAF Corse8118.5
25P. MannAF Corse88
25R. GiammariaAF Corse88
26K. Al-QubaisiAbu Dhabi-Proton Racing1211DNF129121396.5
27C. RiedAbu Dhabi-Proton Racing1211DNF1291213105.5
28K. BachlerAbu Dhabi-Proton Racing1211DNF1393.5
28F. CastellacciAston Martin Racing1113DNF13131412143.5
28S. HallAston Martin Racing1113DNF13131412143.5
29E. BamberAbu Dhabi-Proton Racing129123
29G. RodaLarbre Compétition14DNFDNF11141111133
29P. RubertiLarbre Compétition14DNFDNF11141111133
30M. MapelliAbu Dhabi-Proton Racing92
30R. GoetheAston Martin Racing1113DNF13142
30K. PoulsenLarbre Compétition14DNFDNF1114132
31N. SylvestLarbre Compétition11111
31L. GriffinAston Martin Racing14121
32B. SimonsenAston Martin Racing130.5
33A. MortimerAF CorseDNFDNF0
33D. CameronAF CorseDNFDNF0
33M. GriffinAF CorseDNFDNF0
33W. HenzlerPorsche Team MantheyDNF0


# Driver Nat. Team Total
1G. BruniAF Corse4p1p1p3p1DNF14168
1T. VilanderAF Corse4p1p1p3p1DNF14168
2F. MakowieckiPorsche Team Manthey1922 152134
3R. LietzPorsche Team Manthey124246111
4P. PiletPorsche Team Manthey22112 152108
5D. TurnerAston Martin Racing341019DNFp2p1p101
5S. MückeAston Martin Racing341019DNFp2p1p101
6J. BergmeisterPorsche Team Manthey22114424699
7D. RigonAF Corse537233380
7J. CaladoAF Corse537233380
8D. Heinemeier HanssonAston Martin Racing8736566878
8K. PoulsenAston Martin Racing8736566878
9M. HolzerPorsche Team Manthey19263
10P. Dalla LanaAston Martin Racing9875658756
10P. LamyAston Martin Racing9875658756
11A. MacdowallAston Martin Racing75DNS103p412555.5
11F. ReesAston Martin Racing75DNS103p412555.5
12D. O’YoungAston Martin Racing75DNS103p4555
13G. FisichellaAF Corse1p51
14C. RiedProton Competition1110488991038.5
14K. Al QubaisiProton Competition1110488991038.5
15K. BachlerProton Competition111048891036.5
16N. TandyPorsche Team Manthey211431
17L. Perez-CompancAF Corse1365930.5
17M. CiociAF Corse1365930.5
17M. VenturiAF Corse1365930.5
18G. Roda8 Star MotorsportsDNF14611DNF710DNF24
18P. Ruberti8 Star MotorsportsDNF14611DNF710DNF24
19R. StanawayAston Martin Racing76622
20F. Montecalvo8 Star Motorsports616
21B. SennaAston Martin Racing41014
22E. CollardProspeed CompetitionDNF12DNF1378131112
22F. PerrodoProspeed CompetitionDNF12DNF1378131112
22M. VaxiviereProspeed CompetitionDNF12DNF1378131112
23M. RugoloAF Corse1011DNF12DNF7910
23S. WyattAF Corse1011DNF12DNF7910
24A. BertoliniAF Corse1112DNF799
25J. MowlemRam Racing1288.5
25M. PattersonRam Racing1288.5
26A. ParenteRam Racing6DNF8
26M. GriffinRam Racing6DNF8
26A. HamiltonRam Racing88
27M. Cressoni8 Star Motorsports710DNF7
28J. BleekemolenAF Corse9105
29C. MacneilAF Corse94
30W. HenzlerProton Competition92
31J. SegalAF Corse11DNF11121.5
32S. BirdAF Corse10DNF1
32H. BlankAF Corse121
32J.-M. BachelerAF Corse121
32Y. MallegolAF Corse121
32B. CurtisAF Corse101
32M. SkeenAF Corse101
32A. Pier GuidiAF Corse11121
33L. CaséAF Corse13DNF0.5
33P. MannAF Corse13DNF0.5
33R. GiammariaAF Corse13DNF0.5
33V. Potolicchio8 Star MotorsportsDNF140.5
33A. TalkanitsaAF Corse110.5
33A. Al FaisalAston Martin Racing120.5
33B. CollinsRam Racing120.5
34F. LeoRam RacingDNF0
34M. PalttalaProspeed CompetitionDNF0
34E. FittipaldiAF Corse12†0

† Emmerson Fittipaldi competed at the Six Hours of São Paulo but failed to complete the minimum driver time of 1 hour 30 minutes and did not score any championship points.


# Driver Nat. Team * Total
1G. BruniAF Corse51p512241145
2G. FisichellaAF Corse51p512243135
3S. MückeAston Martin Racing1p432DNF1p1pDNF125.5
3D. TurnerAston Martin Racing1p432DNF1p1pDNF125.5
4M. LiebPorsche AG Team Manthey45144464p123
4R. LietzPorsche AG Team Manthey45144464p123
5T. VilanderAF Corse234DNF3951108
6P. PiletPorsche AG Team Manthey7DNF23933299.5
6J. BergmeisterPorsche AG Team Manthey7DNF23933299.5
7K. KobayashiAF Corse234DNF395398
8B. SennaAston Martin Racing1p2DNFpDNF1p52DNF94
9F. MakowieckiAston Martin Racing32DNFp1p1p73.5
10R. DumasPorsche AG Team Manthey45172
11P. LamyAston Martin Racing36DNFp11pDNF132DNF42.75
12T. BernhardPorsche AG Team Manthey7DNF242
12P. DumbreckAston Martin Racing4342
13R. Aguas8 Star Motorsports97136887637
13V. Potolicchio8 Star Motorsports97136887637
14C. NygaardAston Martin Racing68DNFDNF65DNF535
14K. PoulsenAston Martin Racing68DNFDNF65DNF535
15J.-K. VernayIMSA Performance Matmut13126871081032.5
15R. NaracIMSA Performance Matmut13126871081032.5
16J. Campbell-WalterAston Martin Racing1010105569932
16S. HallAston Martin Racing1010105569932
17M. MalucelliAF Corse /
8 Star Motorsports
18R. StanawayAston Martin Racing611pDNF132DNF27.75
19P. Dalla LanaAston Martin Racing36DNF11pDNF24.5
20O. BerettaAF Corse424
20D. Rigon8 Star Motorsports687624
21C. BourretIMSA Performance Matmut136820.5
22R. BellAston Martin Racing2DNFpDNF19
23N. ThiimAston Martin RacingDNF6DNF518
24J. CanalLarbre Compétition89910111411816.25
24P. BornhauserLarbre Compétition89910111411816.25
24M. GriffinAF Corse14158DNF121212716.25
25C. RiedProton Competition111112710710DNF13
25G. RodaProton Competition111112710710DNF13
25P. RubertiProton Competition111112710710DNF13
26F. ReesLarbre Compétition8910111411812.25
27A. SimonsenAston Martin Racing68      12
27D. O’YoungAF Corse712
27L. CaséAF Corse712
27P. PerazziniAF Corse712
28J. GerberAF Corse14158DNF12121210.25
28M. CiociAF Corse14158DNF12121210.25
29E. CollardAF Corse76
29F. PerrodoAF Corse76
29J. AdamAston Martin Racing696
29R. GoetheAston Martin Racing10101096
30M. PalttalaIMSA Performance Matmut108105.5
31R. TaylorLarbre Compétition84
32M. MedianiKrohn Racing1213DNF91311DNFDNF3.75
32N. JönssonKrohn Racing1213DNF91311DNFDNF3.75
32T. KrohnKrohn Racing1213DNF91311DNFDNF3.75
33P. Peter8 Star Motorsports92
34P. GibonIMSA Performance Matmut111
34P. MilesiIMSA Performance Matmut111
34W. HenzlerIMSA Performance Matmut111
34J. Bright8 Star Motorsports131
34C. MacNeilLarbre Compétition141
34M. Rodrigues Larbre Compétition141
34P. DumasLarbre Compétition141
35H. BlankAF Corse14DNF0.5
35J-M. BachelierAF Corse14DNF0.5
35Y. MallegolAF Corse14DNF0.5
36O. GavinAston Martin RacingDNF0
36B. AuberlenAston Martin RacingDNF0

*Half points were awarded at the 6 Hours of Fuji


No separate GTE drivers’ championship was held in 2012.


p = pole position
DNF = did not finish
DSQ = disqualified
DNS = did not start
EX = excluded
WD = withdrew