FIA World Endurance Trophy for GTE Am Teams

1Corvette Racing #33Chevrolet Corvette C8.R11p21p42p7173
2Iron Dames #85Porsche 911 RSR-198p3545p41p118
3AF Corse #54Ferrari 488 GTE Evo54DNF5101491
4Dempsey-Proton Racing #77Porsche 911 RSR-19279DNF16680
5ORT by TF #25Aston Martin Vantage AMR983p2713DNF65
6GR Racing #86Porsche 911 RSR-1971112338864
7Kessel Racing #57Ferrari 488 GTE Evo3108DNFDNF3558
8Richard Mille AF Corse #83Ferrari 488 GTE EvoDNF21DNF69956
8Northwest AMR #98Aston Martin Vantage AMR1113767351
9AF Corse #21Ferrari 488 GTE Evo456DNF9121138
10Project 1 – AO #56Porsche 911 RSR-19126DNS7851036
11D’Station Racing #777Aston Martin Vantage AMR10DNF10DNFDNF10231
12Iron Lynx #60Ferrari 488 GTE Evo61211DNF211DNF30
13Proton Competition #88Porsche 911 RSR-19DNS94DNF14
1TF SportAston Martin Vantage AMR2p2p1DNF1p4141
2Northwest AMRAston Martin Vantage AMR132855118
3Iron DamesFerrari 488 GTE Evo51062p23p93
4Dempsey-Proton Racing #77Porsche 911 RSR-19418p1DNF883
5Team Project 1 #46Porsche 911 RSR-19DNF5DNF36171
6AF Corse #54Ferrari 488 GTE Evo94594758
7Team Project 1 #56Porsche 911 RSR-193DNFDNF108255
8GR RacingPorsche 911 RSR-19DNS631212650
9Dempsey-Proton Racing #88Porsche 911 RSR-191094691238
10D’Station RacingAston Martin Vantage AMR67DNF1131035
11AF Corse #21Ferrari 488 GTE Evo71177101128
12Iron LynxFerrari 488 GTE Evo88DNF411925
13Spirit of RaceFerrari 488 GTE EvoDNF12DNF571316
1AF Corse #83Ferrari 488 GTE Evo1101151150
2TF SportAston Martin Vantage AMR2p712p21DNF90.5
3Dempsey-Proton Racing #77Porsche 911 RSRDNFDNF542279
4Team Project 1 #56Porsche 911 RSRDNS2p4DNF3378
5Cetilar RacingFerrari 488 GTE Evo3110DNF94p75
6AF Corse #54Ferrari 488 GTE Evo43777671
7Iron Lynx #60Ferrari 488 GTE Evo95DNF311p563.5
8Aston Martin RacingAston Martin Vantage AMR642DNF41058
9D’Station RacingAston Martin Vantage AMR7DNF3510751
10Iron Lynx #85Ferrari 488 GTE Evo86868846
11Dempsey-Proton Racing #88Porsche 911 RSR5968p12DNF30.5
12GR RacingPorsche 911 RSRDNS8996923
13Team Project 1 #46Porsche 911 RSRWD11DNF0.5
1AF Corse #83Ferrari 488 GTE Evo12444132167
2TF SportAston Martin Vantage AMR7p1p1DNF1318154
3Team Project 1 #56Porsche 911 RSR675p93p441118
4Dempsey-Proton Racing #77Porsche 911 RSR5511652p2p7107,5
5Team Project 1 #57Porsche 911 RSR10321p11686101,5
6Aston Martin RacingAston Martin Vantage AMR211322969p100,5
7Gulf RacingPorsche 911 RSR48936105585
8AF Corse #54Ferrari 488 GTE Evo9685777471
9Dempsey-Proton Racing #88Porsche 911 RSR1196DNF95NC345,5
10MR RacingFerrari 488 GTE Evo347710DNS43
11Red River SportFerrari 488 GTE Evo8101088891026
1Team Project 1Porsche 911 RSR933p12351151
2Dempsey-Proton Racing #77Porsche 911 RSR4p*1*1*DSQ11p12110
3TF SportAston Martin Vantage GTE2R22862p699
3Spirit of RaceFerrari 488 GTE8295424799
4Clearwater RacingFerrari 488 GTE34567DNS3395
5Gulf RacingPorsche 911 RSR7664947479
6Aston Martin RacingAston Martin Vantage GTE1R43p5p86DNF77
7MR RacingFerrari 488 GTE557R658571
8Dempsey-Proton Racing #88Porsche 911 RSR6*DNFp*8*DSQ379DNFp26
1Aston Martin RacingAston Martin Vantage GTE2p1p3p3p21p51p1p198
2Clearwater RacingFerrari 488 GTE1314522p42179
3Dempsey-Proton RacingPorsche 911 RSR32211p4334174
4Spirit of RaceFerrari 488 GTEDNF4524313117
5Gulf RacingPorsche 911 RSR4DNF453DNF425101
1AF CorseFerrari 458 Italia GT21p21226223189
2Abu Dhabi-Proton RacingPorsche 911 RSR5p624p1p5541151
3Aston Martin RacingAston Martin Vantage GTE21pDNFp1DNF1p1p1pDNFp149
4KCMGPorsche 911 RSR445EX32332125
5Larbre CompétitionChevrolet Corvette C7.R3343R3655112
6Gulf RacingPorsche 911 RSRDNF53544464106
1SMP RacingFerrari 458 Italia GT23311p16p35165
2AF CorseFerrari 458 Italia GT222333314148
3Aston Martin Racing #98Aston Martin Vantage GTE1p1pDNFp2522p1p144
4Dempsey Racing-ProtonPorsche 911 RSR65244p143131
5Abu Dhabi-Proton RacingPorsche 911 RSR54DNF6257282
6Aston Martin Racing #98Aston Martin Vantage GTE46DNF7676754
7Larbre CompétitionChevrolet Corvette C7.R7DNFDNF5745652
1Aston Martin Racing #95Aston Martin Vantage GTE12121212197
2Aston Martin Racing #98Aston Martin Vantage GTE23512p1p31p164
3Proton CompetitionPorsche 911 RSR44234544121
4AF Corse #61Ferrari 458 Italia GT261p34566102
5AF Corse #81Ferrari 458 Italia GT23p5DNFp6DNF2368
68 Star MotorsportsFerrari 458 Italia GT2DNF745DNF35DNF65
7Prospeed CompetitionPorsche 911 RSRDNF6DNF7p347558
8Ram RacingFerrari 458 Italia GT25626
18 Star MotorsportsFerrari 458 Italia GT231624p412136
2Aston Martin Racing #96Aston Martin Vantage GTE4p4411235133
3IMSA Performane MatmutPorsche 997 GT3-RSR76143526122
4Aston Martin Racing #95Aston Martin Vantage GTE12pDNFpDNFp21pDNFp1p104.5
5Larbre CompétitionPorsche 997 GT3-RSR23366854103
6Proton CompetitionPorsche 997 GT3-RSR5553534DNF84.5
7AF CorseFerrari 458 Italia GT2882DNF776376
8Krohn RacingFerrari 458 Italia GT267DNF586DNFDNF32

*Half points were awarded at the 6 Hours of Fuji

1Larbre CompétitionChevrolet Corvette C6.R2214241p1179
2Team Felbermayr-ProtonPorsche 997 GT3-RSR11DNF2p1132p153
3Krohn RacingFerrari 458 Italia GT25523R323119
4AF Corse-WaltripFerrari 458 Italia GT24DNS413p2p4108
5JWA-AvilaPorsche 997 GT3-RSR6455465688
6Luxury RacingFerrari 458 Italia GT2DNSp3pRp18


p = pole position
DNF = did not finish
DSQ = disqualified
DNS = did not start
EX = excluded
WD = withdrew