WEC Standings

Hypercar Manufacturers

FIA Hypercar World Endurance Manufacturers Championship

1ToyotaToyota GR010 Hybrid11p1p21p1p1p217
2FerrariFerrari 499P3p231p243161
3PorschePorsche 963534743499
4CadillacCadillac V-Series.R445398979
5PeugeotPeugeot 9X8957636767
6GlickenhausGlickenhaus 007 LMHDNF865836
7VanwallVanwall Vandervell 6808DNFDNFDNF1291010

p = pole position
DNF = did not finish
DSQ = disqualified
DNS = did not start
EX = excluded
WD = withdrew

Hypercar Drivers

FIA Hypercar World Endurance Drivers Championship

1B. HartleyToyota Gazoo Racing21p22621p172
1S. BuemiToyota Gazoo Racing21p22621p172
1R. HirakawaToyota Gazoo Racing21p22621p172
2M. ConwayToyota Gazoo Racing191pDNF1p1p2145
2K. KobayashiToyota Gazoo Racing191pDNF1p1p2145
2J. M. LópezToyota Gazoo Racing191pDNF1p1p2145
3A. FuocoFerrari AF Corse3p2DNF4p243120
3N. NielsenFerrari AF Corse3p2DNF4p243120
3M. MolinaFerrari AF Corse3p2DNF4p243120
4A. Pier GuidiFerrari AF Corse7631556114
4J. CaladoFerrari AF Corse7631556114
4A. GiovinazziFerrari AF Corse7631556114
5E. BamberCadillac Racing445310101173
5A. LynnCadillac Racing445310101173
5R. WestbrookCadillac Racing445310101173
6K. EstrePorsche Penske Motorsport63DNF873571
6A. LottererPorsche Penske Motorsport63DNF873571
6L. VanthoorPorsche Penske Motorsport63DNF873571
7D. CameronPorsche Penske Motorsport51047412761
7M. ChristensenPorsche Penske Motorsport51047412761
7F. MakowieckiPorsche Penske Motorsport51047412761
8M. JensenPeugeot TotalEnergies978638951
8J.-E. VergnePeugeot TotalEnergies978638951
8P. di RestaPeugeot TotalEnergies978638951
9A. F. Da CostaHertz Team Jota61096438
9W. StevensHertz Team Jota61096438
9Y. YeHertz Team Jota61096438
10R. DumasGlickenhaus RacingDNF875834
10O. PlaGlickenhaus RacingDNF875834
11L. DuvalPeugeot TotalEnergiesNC599117828
11G. MenezesPeugeot TotalEnergiesNC599117828
12R. BriscoeGlickenhaus Racing / Floyd Vanwall Racing TeamDNF851225
13N. MüllerPeugeot TotalEnergiesNC59911822
14E. GuerrieriFloyd Vanwall Racing Team8DNFDNFDNF1211127
15T. DillmannFloyd Vanwall Racing Team8DNFDNFDNF6
15J. VilleneuveFloyd Vanwall Racing Team8DNFDNF6
15S. VandoornePeugeot TotalEnergies76
16N. BerthonGlickenhaus Racing1185
17G. BruniProton CompetitionDNF9104
17H. TincknellProton CompetitionDNF9104
17N. JaniProton CompetitionDNF9104
18T. VauthierFloyd Vanwall Racing TeamDNF1211121
19J.P. de OliveiraFloyd Vanwall Racing Team12110

p = pole position
DNF = did not finish
DSQ = disqualified
DNS = did not start
EX = excluded
WD = withdrew

LMP2 Teams

FIA Endurance Trophy for LMP2 Teams

1Team WRT #41Oreca 07 – Gibson43123p11173
2Inter Europol Competition #34Oreca 07 – Gibson3931596114
3United Autosports USA #22Oreca 07 – Gibson125862p9104
4Team WRT #31Oreca 07 – Gibson6664DNF3294
5United Autosports USA #23Oreca 07 – GibsonDNFp12p6448p92
6JOTA #28Oreca 07 – Gibson5799p16384
7Alpine Elf Team #36Oreca 07 – Gibson887325783
8Prema Racing #63Oreca 07 – Gibson24p10DNF710563
9Prema Racing #9Oreca 07 – Gibson7541098457
10Vector Sport #10Oreca 07 – Gibson911DNF5DNF7DNF29
11Alpine Elf Team #35Oreca 07 – GibsonDNF10878111023

p = pole position
DNF = did not finish
DSQ = disqualified
DNS = did not start
EX = excluded
WD = withdrew

LMP2 Drivers

FIA Endurance Trophy for LMP2 Drivers

1L. DelétrazTeam WRT43123p11173
1R. KubicaTeam WRT43123p11173
1R. AndradeTeam WRT43123p11173
2A. CostaInter Europol Competition3931596114
2F. SchererInter Europol Competition3931596114
2J. SmiechowskiInter Europol Competition3931596114
3F. LubinUnited Autosports USA125862p9104
3P. HansonUnited Autosports USA125862p9104
4R. FrijnsTeam WRT6664DNF3294
4F. HabsburgTeam WRT6664DNF3294
4S. GalaelTeam WRT6664DNF3294
5J. PiersonUnited Autosports USADNFp12p6448p92
5O. JarvisUnited Autosports USADNFp12p6448p92
6O. RasmussenJOTA5799p16384
6D. Heinemeier-HanssonJOTA5799p16384
6P. FittipaldiJOTA5799p16384
7M. VaxiviereAlpine Elf Team887325783
7J. CanalAlpine Elf Team887325783
7C. MilesiAlpine Elf Team887325783
8F. AlbuquerqueUnited Autosports USA1582p978
9D. PinPrema Racing24p10DNF710563
9D. KvyatPrema Racing24p10DNF710563
10P. UgranPrema Racing7541098457
10B. ViscaalPrema Racing7541098457
11M. BortolottiPrema Racing24p10DNF556
12T. BlomqvistUnited Autosports USADNFp2p68p43
13B. HanleyUnited Autosports USA26438
14G. van der GardeUnited Autosports USA1437
15J. M. CorreaPrema Racing5108434
16R. CullenVector Sport911DNF5DNF7DNF29
16M. KaiserVector Sport911DNF5DNF7DNF29
16G. AubryVector Sport911DNF5DNF7DNF29
17A. CaldarelliPrema Racing7491024
18A. NegraoAlpine Elf TeamDNF10878111023
18M. RojasAlpine Elf TeamDNF10878111023
18O. CaldwellAlpine Elf TeamDNF10878111023
19M. BechePrema Racing76

p = pole position
DNF = did not finish
DSQ = disqualified
DNS = did not start
EX = excluded
WD = withdrew

GTE Am Teams

FIA Endurance Trophy for GTE Am Teams

1Corvette Racing #33Chevrolet Corvette C8.R11p21p42p7173
2Iron Dames #85Porsche 911 RSR-198p3545p41p118
3AF Corse #54Ferrari 488 GTE Evo54DNF5101491
4Dempsey-Proton Racing #77Porsche 911 RSR-19279DNF16680
5ORT by TF #25Aston Martin Vantage AMR983p2713DNF65
6GR Racing #86Porsche 911 RSR-1971112338864
7Kessel Racing #57Ferrari 488 GTE Evo3108DNFDNF3558
8Richard Mille AF Corse #83Ferrari 488 GTE EvoDNF21DNF69956
8Northwest AMR #98Aston Martin Vantage AMR1113767351
9AF Corse #21Ferrari 488 GTE Evo456DNF9121138
10Project 1 – AO #56Porsche 911 RSR-19126DNS7851036
11D’Station Racing #777Aston Martin Vantage AMR10DNF10DNFDNF10231
12Iron Lynx #60Ferrari 488 GTE Evo61211DNF211DNF30
13Proton Competition #88Porsche 911 RSR-19DNS94DNF14

p = pole position
DNF = did not finish
DSQ = disqualified
DNS = did not start
EX = excluded
WD = withdrew

GTE Am Drivers

FIA Endurance Trophy for GTE Am Drivers

1B. KeatingCorvette Racing11p21p42p7173
1N. VarroneCorvette Racing11p21p42p7173
1N. CatsburgCorvette Racing11p21p42p7173
2M. GattingIron Dames8p3545p41p118
3R. FreyIron Dames8p3545p41p118
4S. BovyIron Dames8p3545p41p118
5D. RigonAF Corse54DNF5101491
4F. CastellacciAF Corse54DNF5101491
5T. FlohrAF Corse54DNF5101491
6C. RiedDempsey-Proton Racing279DNF16680
7J. AndlauerDempsey-Proton Racing279DNF16680
8M. PedersenDempsey-Proton Racing279DNF16680
9C. EastwoodORT by TF983p2713DNF65
10A. Al HarthyORT by TF983p2713DNF65
10M. DinanORT by TF983p2713DNF65
11B. BarkerGR Racing71112338864
11M. WainwrightGR Racing71112338864
11R. PeraGR Racing71112338864
12T. KimuraKessel Racing3108DNFDNF3558
12L. Perez CompancRichard Mille AF CorseDNF21DNF69956
13L. WadouxRichard Mille AF CorseDNF21DNF69956
14A. RoveraRichard Mille AF CorseDNF21DNF69956
15A. RiberasNorthwest AMR767351
16I. JamesNorthwest AMR767351
17D. MancinelliNorthwest AMR767351
18S. HuffakerKessel Racing3108DNFDNF343
19D. SerraKessel Racing3108DNF543
20S. MannAF Corse456DNF9121138
21U. de PauwAF Corse456DNF938
22M. CairoliProject 1 – AO126DNS7851036
23C. StevensonD’Station Racing10DNF10DNFDNF10231
24T. FujiiD’Station Racing10DNF10DNFDNF10231
25C. SchiavoniIron Lynx61211DNF211DNF30
26A. PicarielloIron Lynx61211DNF211DNF30
27M. CressoniIron Lynx61211DNF211DNF30
28L. TalbotD’Station Racing227
29G. JeannetteProject 1 – AO12DNS751024
30P. HyettProject 1 – AO12DNS751024
31S. CostantiniAF Corse418
32D. AlessiAF Corse5618
33R. MiyataKessel Racing315
34E. MassonKessel Racing515
35H. TincknellProton CompetitionDNS94DNF14
36R. HardwickProton CompetitionDNS9414
37Z. RobichonProton CompetitionDNS9414
38G. Moura de OliveiraProject 1 – AO6812
39M. Pedro RamosProject 1 – AO68
40E. CastroProject 1 – AO84
41S. HoshinoD’Station Racing10DNF10DNFDNF104
42J. PiguetProton CompetitionDNF92
43N. ThiimNorthwest AMR11130
44P. Dalla LanaNorthwest AMR11130
45A. JefferiesNorthwest AMR11130
46D. YountProton CompetitionDNF0
47J. RiedProton CompetitionDNF0
48K. CozzolinoKessel Racing / AF CorseDNF12110
49H. KoizumiAF Corse120
50F. DezoteuxAF Corse110

p = pole position
DNF = did not finish
DSQ = disqualified
DNS = did not start
EX = excluded
WD = withdrew


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