TV- & Livestream

๐Ÿ”Š Streaming

The easiest way to watch the FIA WEC races in full length is to use one of the following streaming providers. Here, the races and usually also qualifying are broadcast in full length.

ORFsport+EnglishFreeOnly accessible from Austria
Discovery+German & English$3.99 per month & ad-free $5.99 per month
FIA WEC TVEnglishstarting at $8.99 per raceNo app for Apple TV
and Android TV available
MaxEnglishstarting at $9.99 per month + $9.99 per month increase for the Sports add-onOnly accessible from USA and Canada
๐Ÿ”Š TV-Broadcast

Due to the long distances involved, the FIA WEC races are not always broadcast in full on TV. This overview shows who, when and for how long the next WEC race will be shown:

ChannelAccessCountryDate & Time (CEST)
Eurosport 2Free TVWorldwide14/07/2024
16:30 โ€“ 22:30
Sport 1Free TVGermany14/07/2024
20:15 โ€“ 22:30
ORF Sport+Free TVAustria14/07/2024
19:30 โ€“ 20:00 &ย 
20:15 โ€“ 22:30
MotortrendPay TVUSA14/07/2024
16:30 โ€“ 17:00 &
21:00 โ€“ 22:30
VelocityPay TVCanada14/07/2024
16:30 โ€“ 22:30

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