Technical insight: the Ford Mustang GT3

Ford Mustang GT3 at the 1812 km of Qatar 2024

The Ford Mustang GT3 was recently launched onto the global stage in multiple racing series, including the FIA World Endurance Championship. We caught up with Ford’s Global Sports Car Manager Kevin Groot to find out more about the development of the new GT3 contender.

For many WEC fans, the choice of team to run the Mustang programme was a surprising one: Proton Competition. A team with decades of association with Porsche GT racing made the switch to the Blue Oval in 2024. For Groot, working with such a storied team is “a great honour”.

Fotograf Ton Kerdijk im Gespräch mit Kevin Groot
WEC-Magazin photographer Ton (left) speaking to Kevin Groot

One key aspect of the Mustang GT3’s design is the location of the engine, just behind the front axle and as low as possible. “Within the limits of the rules, the engine is moved down and rearward,” Groot explains. “The wheelbase is also stretched, so the front wheels move forward. All that is to maximise weight distribution, to get it as close as we can to 50:50.”

US production with British power

The switch to GT3 machinery for the 2024 means that the cars competing in the WEC have much more in common with regular, road-going GT cars than the previous class, GTE, did.

As with any Ford Mustang, the GT3 model begins its like in Flat Rock, Michigan, where the chassis is assembled as a unibody. “From there it’s taken apart again and then goes down to Multimatic in North Carolina, who add the additional GT3 components like the roll cage and sub-frames,” Groot says.

Power is delivered by a 5.4-litre V8 engine developed by M-Sport in the UK in partnership with Ford Performance.

Another advantage of the Ford Mustang GT3 is its versatility. According to Groot, every Ford Mustang GT3 is the same – whether it’s intended for sprint races or endurance motorsport.

The main factors limiting power and performance (BoP) are the WEC’s balance of performance restrictions. Under the regulations, the Mustang GT3 is homologated at a dry weight of 1,289 kg and BoP-limited to 550 hp.

The Ford Mustang GT3 is undoubtedly a welcome addition to the WEC grid for 2024. It remains to be seen whether the combination of US manufacturer and German team can lead to success on the race track. Click here for a look back at the competitive debut of the GT3 category in the WEC.

Our Images of the Ford Mustang GT3

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