This championship is open to all full-season LMP1 and LMP2 drivers and is based on overall finishing positions.

# Driver Nat. Team Total
1F. AlonsoToyota Gazoo Racing1p1pDSQ2p21p11198
1S. BuemiToyota Gazoo Racing1p1pDSQ2p21p11198
1K. NakajimaToyota Gazoo Racing1p1pDSQ2p21p11198
2M. ConwayToyota Gazoo Racing22DSQp11p26p2p157
2K. KobayashiToyota Gazoo Racing22DSQp11p26p2p157
2J. M. LópezToyota Gazoo Racing22DSQp11p26p2p157
3T. LaurentRebellion Racing331DNF5725114
3G. MenezesRebellion Racing331DNF5725114
4M. AleshinSMP Racing5DNFDNF4333394
4V. PetrovSMP Racing5DNFDNF4333394
5N. JaniRebellion RacingDSQ4234DNF5491
5A. LottererRebellion RacingDSQ42345491
6M. BecheRebellion Racing331DNF5DNF 73
6B. SennaRebellion RacingDSQ434DNF5473
7N. LapierreSignatech Alpine Matmut7568958664
7A. NegrãoSignatech Alpine Matmut7568958664
7P. ThirietSignatech Alpine Matmut7568958664
8G. AubryJackie Chan DC Racing68477109751
8S. RichelmiJackie Chan DC Racing68477109751
8H.-P. TungJackie Chan DC Racing68477109751
8N. BerthonDragonSpeed / Rebellion Racing10772551
9S. VandoorneSMP Racing3338
10R. GonzalezDragonSpeed107711867DNF36,5
10P. MaldonadoDragonSpeed107711867DNF36,5
11J. JaafarJackie Chan DC Racing86561035
11N. JeffriJackie Chan DC Racing86561035
11W. TanJackie Chan DC Racing86561035
12J. ButtonSMP RacingDNFDNF4327
13A. DavidsonDragonSpeed71186726,5
14T. DillmannBykolles Racing Team4DNF5DNF14DNF22,5
14O. WebbBykolles Racing Team4DNFDNF5DNF14DMF22,5
15B. HartleySMP Racing319
16F. PerrodoTDS Racing9DSQ79DNFDNF10817
16M. VaxivièreTDS Racing9DSQ79DNFDNF10817
17D. Heinemeier-HanssonJackie Chan DC Racing412DNF15
17J. KingJackie Chan DC Racing412DNF15
17W. StevensJackie Chan DC Racing41215
18E. CreedLarbre Competition111091012813914,5
18R. RicciLarbre Competition111091012813914,5
19G. van der GardeRacing Team Nederland129812119111014
19F. van EerdRacing Team Nederland129812119111014
19L. DuvalTDS Racing9DSQ7DNFDNF814
20D. KraihamerBykolles Racing Team4DNF12
20S. SirotkinSMP RacingDNF4DNF12
21N. de VriesRacing Team Nederland812119111010,5
22J. RossiterBykolles Racing Team5DNF10
23B. HanleyDragonSpeedDNSDNF11DNF6DNFDNF8,5
23R. van der ZandeDragonSpeedDNF11DNF6DNFDNF8,5
24J. AllenDragonSpeedDNF68
25G. JeannetteLarbre Competition85
26J. LammersRacing Team Nederland1293,5
26N. BoulleLarbre Competition1393,5
27Y. MoriLarbre Competition92
27J.E. VergneTDS Racing92
27T. DagoneauLarbre Competition102
28K. IharaLarbre Competition101
28C. RobertsonCEFC TRSM ManorDNS111
28L. RousselCEFC TRSM ManorDNS111
28M. SimpsonCEFC TRSM ManorDNS111
28N. NatoTDS Racing101
29J. CanalLarbre Competition110,5
29H. HedmanDragonSpeedDNF11DNFDNF0,5
29E. GuibbertLarbre Competition120,5
29P. RubertiBykolles Racing Team14DNF0,5
30M. IsaakyanSMP RacingDNFDNFDNFDNF0
30O. RowlandCEFC TRSM ManorDNSDNF0
30A. BrundleCEFC TRSM ManorDNSDNF0
30P. FittipaldiDragonSpeedDNS0
30R. BinderBykolles Racing TeamDNF0
30R. TaylorJackie Chan DC RacingDNF0


p = pole position
R = retired
DSQ = disqualified
DNS = did not start
EX = excluded
WD = withdrew