This championship is open to all drivers competing in the GTE Pro and GTE Am classes.

# Driver Nat. Team Total
1M. ChristensenPorsche GT Team213135p35155
1K. EstréPorsche GT Team213135p35155
2A. Pier GuidiAF Corse154145421136.5
2J. CaladoAF Corse154145421136.5
3G. BruniPorsche GT Team42pDSQ52182131
3R. LietzPorsche GT Team42pDSQ52182131
4A. PriaulxFord Chip Ganassi Racing UKDNFp1223935p390
4H. TincknellFord Chip Ganassi Racing UKDNFp1223935p390
5S. MückeFord Chip Ganassi Racing UK136p87p1810488
5O. PlaFord Chip Ganassi Racing UK136p87p1810488
6D. SerraAF Corse44171
7B. JohnsonFord Chip Ganassi Racing UK1318467
8A. LynnAston Martin Racing613494811466
8M. MartinAston Martin Racing613494811466
9M. SørensenAston Martin Racing75176p197DNFp65.5
9N. ThiimAston Martin Racing75176p197DNFp65.5
10A. F. da CostaBMW Team MTEK5DNFDNF21074661
11F. MakowieckiPorsche GT Team2p 255
12S. BirdAF Corse361610666DNF54.5
12D. RigonAF Corse361610666DNF54.5
13N. CatsburgBMW Team MTEK89578291553
13M. TomczykBMW Team MTEK89578291553
13L. VanthoorPorsche GT Team1553
14J. BomaritoFord Chip Ganassi Racing UK3342
15A. FarfusBMW Team MTEKDNFDNF74632
16T. BlomqvistBMW Team MTEK521029
17D. TurnerAston Martin Racing759DNFp25
18A. SimsBMW Team MTEKDNF223
19M. MolinaAF Corse66DNF22
20J. AdamAston Martin Racing / TF Sport61381218151416
20J. BergmeisterProject 11810911121215716
20P. LindseyProject 11810911121215716
20E. PerfettiProject 11810911121215716
21J. KrohnBMW Team MTEK612
22F. CastellacciSpirit of Race17815151411141310.5
22G. FisichellaSpirit of Race17815151411141310.5
22T. FlohrSpirit of Race17815151411141310.5
23M. CampbellDempsey-Proton Racing12*7*7*DSQ11101189
23C. RiedDempsey-Proton Racing12*7*7*DSQ11101189
24C. EastwoodTF Sport10DNF812181512128.5
24S. YolucTF Sport10DNF812181512128.5
24J. AndlauerDempsey-Proton Racing12*7*7*DSQ111088.5
25B. SpenglerBMW Team MTEK78
26B. BarkerGulf Racing16151214191317106.5
26M. WainwrightGulf Racing16151214191317106.5
26M. GriffinClearwater Racing1111111617DNS1396.5
27P. Dalla LanaAston Martin Racing9DNF1013151716DNF5.5
27P. LamyAston Martin Racing9DNF1013151716DNF5.5
27M. LaudaAston Martin Racing9DNF1013151716DNF5.5
28O. BerettaMR Racing131413DNF161418115
28E. CheeverMR Racing131413DNF161418115
28M. IshikawaMR Racing131413DNF161418115
29T. PreiningGulf Racing14191317104.5
30P. EngBMW Team MTEK9154
31L.P. CompancClearwater RacingDNS1393.5
31M. CressoniClearwater RacingDNS1393.5
32W. S. MokClearwater Racing11111116173
32K. SawaClearwater Racing11111116173
33E. HankeyTF Sport10DNF12122.5
34T. KanaanFord Chip Ganassi Racing UKDNFp122
34A. DavisonGulf Racing1615122
34M. CairoliDempsey-Proton Racing14*DNF*14*DSQ131619DNF2
35G. Roda Jr.Dempsey-Proton Racing14*DNF*14*DSQ1619DNF1.5
35G. RodaDempsey-Proton Racing14*16191.5
36R. PeraDempsey-Proton Racing13111
37K. Al QubaisiDempsey-Proton Racing14*DNF*130.5
38S. HoshinoDempsey-Proton RacingDSQDNF0


p = pole position
DNF = did not finish
DSQ = disqualified
DNS = did not start
EX = excluded
WD = withdrew