This championship is open to all drivers in the GTE Am class.

# Driver Nat. Team Total
1J. BergmeisterProject 1933p123  103
1P. LindseyProject 1933p123  103
1E. PerfettiProject 1933p123  103
2F. CastellacciSpirit of Race829542  78
2G. FisichellaSpirit of Race829542  78
2T. FlohrSpirit of Race829542  78
3P. Dalla LanaAston Martin Racing1DNF43p5p8  69
3P. LamyAston Martin Racing1DNF43p5p8  69
3M. LaudaAston Martin Racing1DNF43p5p8  69
4C. EastwoodTF Sport2DNF2286  68
4S. YolucTF Sport2DNF2286  68
5J. AndlauerDempsey-Proton Racing4p*1*1*DSQ11p  58
5M. CampbellDempsey-Proton Racing4p*1*1*DSQ11p  58
5C. RiedDempsey-Proton Racing4p*1*1*DSQ11p  58
6M. GriffinClearwater Racing34567DNS  57
6W. S. MokClearwater Racing34567  57
6K. SawaClearwater Racing34567  57
7B. BarkerGulf Racing766494  55
7M. WainwrightGulf Racing766494  55
8O. BerettaMR Racing556DNF65  54
8E. CheeverMR Racing556DNF65  54
8M. IshikawaMR Racing556DNF65  54
9J. AdamTF Sport / Aston Martin Racing2286  50
10T. PreiningGulf Racing494  29
11A. DavisonGulf Racing766  26
12M. CairoliDempsey-Proton Racing6*DNFp*8*DSQ37  23
13E. HankeyTF Sport2DNF  18
14K. Al QubaisiDempsey-Proton Racing6*DNFp*3  15
14R. PeraDempsey-Proton Racing3  15
15G. Roda Jr.Dempsey-Proton Racing6*DNFp*8*DSQ7  8
15G. RodaDempsey-Proton Racing8*7  8
16S. HoshinoDempsey-Proton RacingDSQ  0
16L.P. CompancClearwater RacingDNS  0
16M. CressoniClearwater RacingDNS  0

*Dempsey-Proton Racing drivers lost all of their championship points up to the Six Hours of Fuji due to a technical infringement.


p = pole position
R = retired
DSQ = disqualified
DNS = did not start
EX = excluded
WD = withdrew