Porsche introduce the new 919 hybrid

Porsche have rolled out their updated 2015 specification Porsche 919 Hybrid at their in house test track in Weissach.

Porsche.2015Marc Lieb was behind the wheel of the new 919 Hybrid in it’s first shake down last week. According to Porsche, the the new 919 is an evolution of the race winning 2014 version. The drive train consisting of a two litter V4 turbo, an electric motor at the front axle and two energy recovery systems remain unchanged. The first time the car will be driven in full anger will be in Abu Dhabi from the 18th of January.

In the coming months there are several opportunities to test the new prototype before the first race of the year at Silverstone (England), Porsche have stated intentions to complete all of the tests.

Source – Porsche Press Material