Michael Krumm Testing Nissan’s LMP1 Car

With it getting closer and closer to the end of the season, Nissan are still keeping their 2015 plans somewhat mysterious. Except from announcing the fact there will be a Nissan LMP1 contender under the name of the Nissan GTR-LM NISMO on the grid next year, the Japanese manufacture have not given anyone as much as a hint as to what is going on behind close doors. For months, there has been colourful speculation as to who will be driving their 2 full season WEC entries and the one of Le Mans contender. It does however seem that now on track testing has began, pieces of the puzzle will start to make themselves known.


It has been learned that Nissan have been testing their new car in Arizona in the last week. However, although Nissan managed to keep the camera lenses away from the GTR-LM, they could not hide the German driver. Michael Krumm is one of the longest-standing drivers on the Japanese team’s roster. He’s been around at Nissan since the 1990’s, working in various Japanese racing series, including the Super GT since almost 10 years. Furthermore, Krumm has already raced at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Notably debuting in the Nissan R390 GT1 car in 1998.

It is a name we have not yet had on the radar for the new Nissan LMP1 project. However, his long-time loyalty as well as his experience at Le Mans clearly impresses Nissan. With the sighting of Michael Krumm at the test track in Arizona, it would now seem that it would be unlikely for the 44 year old German not to be behind the wheal of  one of Nissan’s LMP1 car next season.

Source: Autosport.com
Image: Walter Schruff