Franck Montagny’s career hanging in the balance

The twelve-time Le Mans starter Franck Montagny is on the verge of losing his professional racing license. After testing positive at a Formula E event late last year, the former Peugoet driver’s career now hangs in the balance.

5940448043_51a3ae975c_oDue to alleged health problems, the Frenchman did not compete in the third Formula E race in Uruguay. However it has now become clear why he really pulled out of the event. At the previous ePrix in Malaysia, Montagny was called by the FIA for a drug test. The 36 year-old, who finished in second place in the first Formula E race in Beijing, tested positive for drug intoxication in the test.

According to his own statements, it seems that Montagny knew before the test that this would spell the end of his career in motorsport. As a direct result of the outcome of the drug test, Montagny has been banned from the Formula E Championship. With the rest of the sanctions yet to be confirmed, possibilities are high that the Frenchman will have his racing license revoked. This would therefore mean that how would not be able to race in any FIA sanctioned series, including the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Source – Sky Sports

Image – Walter Schruff