Ferrari reveals its latest prototype

Ferrari have caused somewhat of a sensation by revealing the latest in a long line of one-off prototypes, the P80/C. The new hypercar prototype is based on the Italian marque’s Le Mans winners of the past, giving fans a tantalising glimpse of what the Prancing Horse would be capable of if it decides to return to the prototype scene.

Ferrari hat heute den neuen Prototypen P80/C vorgestellt

With the Ferrari 330 P3/P4 and the Dino 206 S as its inspiration, Ferrari has chosen some of the most prestigious sportscars in history to based its new “hero car” on. The most important factor, however, was that the new P80/C was suited to both the racetrack and the road. It’s the same concept the Italian manufacturer used to employ at Le Mans.

Ferrari 488 GTB as a basis for the P80/C

According to the design team, the Ferrari 488 GTB was the perfect platform on which to base the new car. However, the new prototype re-interprets the 488 GTB concept, taking only the best features. The Ferrari P80/C has a 50mm longer wheelbase but possesses the same driving characteristics as the 488.

The driver is seated in the middle and not on the left-hand side, a decision aimed at linking in with Ferrari’s classic sportscars of the past. The curved windscreen is both a homage to the past and a means of improving the view from the driver’s perspective. The P80/C is made purely of carbon fibre.

Watch the prototype come to life

As an extra treat for its fans, Ferrari has released a 12-minute video on the story behind the new car. The engineers and development driver Alessandro Pier Guidi talk in depth about how the car came into being and how the concept was perfected. What’s more, you can also listen to the glorious sound of the new machine on track.

The P80/C has been designed as a one-off for a specific customer, however the number of links to Ferrari’s sportscar pedigree suggests that the Maranello-based constructor may seriously considering a return to the top class of prototype racing after over 50 years

Via: The Official Ferrari Magazin