History – Porsche 917 in the pits at the Spa Classic

Porsche Domination

Continuing the theme of domination, the 1950s undoubtedly belonged to Jaguar and Mercedes-Benz, each of which recorded championship victories. In fact, the level of prestige on offer for winning the World Sportscar Championship even attracted new manufacturers to the fold in a bid to prove their superiority over rival manufacturers. After years of Ferrari domination at Le Mans and in the WSC in the early 1960s, Henry Ford was said to be sick of “those bloody red cars” and so sent an army of specially engineered GT40s to take endurance racing’s richest prize to the United States for the first time in 1966.

The 1970s marked the arrival of a manufacturer that turned winning in sportscar racing into an absolute art form: Porsche. The German manufacturer won a record-breaking sixteen times at Le Mans and has fifteen World Sportscar Championship titles to its name. Porsche 917s, 935s and 936s went down in history as some of the most successful sportscars ever, playing a major part in establishing the Porsche brand.