It has taken eight whole years for this project to become reality. Now the time has finally arrived: the WEC-Magazin ePaper is here! WEC-Magazin was conceived with print and publishing in mind, but we have never managed to go beyond the website – until now

After spending eight years in the ideas tray, we returned to the original concept and came up with a WEC-Magazin ePaper. It remains true to our principles, as a project for fans by fans. There is no advertising, and the ePaper is free to download.

It was important to design the magazine to fit the needs of current users. Laptop, PC and tablet displays are all used in landscape format, which is why our ePaper has no annoying double pages or portrait content. The size of the PDF file is optimised for Apple iPads, but users of other devices can also read the magazine without any issues.

One important feature is the multimedia content. Items in the list of contents are clickable and take you directly to the content in question. Almost all of the articles contain links for further reading that will open on your browser. For example, the circuit maps on the calendar page will take you directly to the corresponding pages on We hope to integrate audio and video content directly into the magazine in future.

WEC-Magazin ePaper – Issue 01/2021

Issue 1 is all about the new WEC season. We take a look at the calendar, the new rulebook and the list of entries for the coming season. We also look into the new Toyota Hypercar. You can read it for free below in your browser or download the PDF by clicking on the button below. The English version can be found here.