A look behind the scenes

We all know the teams and drivers of the WEC. But who actually is involved in the World Endurance Championship? From time to time we take a look behind the scenes of the series and show what is going on in the background.

A WEC car during the transport

Around the world in nine races: WEC & DHL

The WEC covers thousands of kilometres every year. The fans mostly have their eyes on the teams and cars. But the effort behind the scenes remains hidden to many. We joined up with DHL Global Forwarding and took a closer look at the WEC logistics.

Safety Car driver Yannick Dalmas

Yannick Dalmas: From racing driver to safety officer

Every WEC fan knows the Safety Car, which is sent out on the track whenever weather conditions or a collision endanger safety. But who actually drives this car?

Eduardo Freitas – WEC Race Director

Eduardo Freitas: The man in control

We sat down with WEC Race Director Eduardo Freitas on his role in race control, how to become a race director and which team is his favourite.