Arnage viewing area open to spectators

Last month’s announcement of a new viewing area at Indianapolis corner at the Circuit de la Sarthe was met with a great deal of excitement and intrigue. However, there were question marks over the future of the former banking at Arnage. WEC-Magazin took a look at the new enclosure and the viewing opportunities that could be had.

The enclosure at Arnage was open to the public and was able to be accessed from the rear. Otherwise, the enclosure has been left untouched. Spectators are still able toto see the cars brake after the left-hander at Indianapolis to the slowest point on the track. YouTube user cosmikroger35 uploaded a pair of videos that show the cars in action at the new complex.

The new enclosure at Indianapolis, meanwhile, does indeed provide some great views of the cars as they make their way from Mulsanne. Both enclosures were fully open to spectators for Le Mans Test Day and this is expected to remain the case for the 24 Hours in two week’s time.

Source: YouTube/cosmikroger35