Toyota fastest again as Porsche close in

Toy­ota have main­taned their record of top­ping all ses­sions so far this week­end at Sil­ver­stone, with the #8 Toy­ota TS050 once again head­ing the times. How­ev­er as qual­i­fy­ing looms, Porsche are clos­ing in.

David­son took the #8 Toy­ota to the top of the times with a late lap. Although slow­er than yesterday’s FP2 pace, rain over night and cold con­di­tions slowed the ulti­mate pace to a 1:39.476. Sec­ond was the #1 Porsche with of Nick Tandy, Andre Lot­ter­er and Neel Jani, just sev­en tenths off of the Toy­ota. The #2 Porsche 919 Hybrid was a fur­ther tenth back in third with the #7 Toy­ota round­ing out the hybrid run­ners. ByKolles were 13th over­all and faster than only one LMP2 car, sev­en sec­onds off the pace.

The #28 TDS Rac­ing Ore­ca topped LMP2 just four and a half sec­onds off of Davidson’s Toy­ota. G-Dri­ve were sec­ond in class ahead of the #38 Jack­ie Chan DC Rac­ing Ore­ca 07.

GTE-Pro saw Ford’s #67 GT lead their #66 in first and sec­ond. Ferrari’s #51 and #71 488’s fin­ished third and fourth in class respec­tive­ly. Fifth fastest in GTE was the fastest Am car. Aston Martin’s #98 Van­tage.

Despite hav­ing a quick run in the ses­sion, the #98 car got caught up with Jose Maria Lopez’s Toy­ota on the exit of Luffield, caus­ing left front dam­age which brought a slight­ly pre­ma­ture end the the home team’s ses­sion.

Quli­fy­ing for the GTE cars begins at 13:00 and runs for twen­ty min­utes before the pro­to­types go out at 13:30 for their twen­ty minute shoot out for pole posi­tion.